You were supposed to be eternal

I’m mad at you. I’m mad at you because you were supposed to be eternal. 

The innocent way you talk to me, the careless way you dream out loud, when you scream thoughts that are meant to be left unsaid, and when your laugh breaks the rational silence awkwardness proposes; these are the reasons why you should be eternal. I am angry at myself because I am not ready to let go. 

You taught me life is sweet, and that time travels following a beating heart- the problem is, yours is beating faster by the day. 

The scars your soul never seem to succumb to and the tears you have never let see; these were supposed to be eternal, you were supposed to be eternal. I am mad at you.

The mark you made is left in the boundless colors that describe your forever-young soul, and the gifts your life left behind will always be with me; your colors run through my blood. 

Still, you were supposed to be eternal; I am mad at myself because, with each day that goes by, you teach me that eternity is nothing more than a glimpse of nostalgia. 

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