Little fires everywhere

As I lit up my scented candles, thinking I was going to continue working, I became consumed by their smoke, their light, their dance.

I then realized that what consumed me was not the ordinary picturesque setting; rather, I saw my mind’s patterns, my thoughts- how they mingle and operate.

I start to focus on a burning idea, and when I dive into its flames, another small fire starts burning on the other side of my mind; I try to take it down… unfortunately my frantic creativity never allowed me to do a thing as such.

I turn to the glowing fire- just for a split second; I lie to myself; at first, it seemed to be as thin as a burning sheet of paper; silly me, fire is never thin, flames are never innocent, and my ideas are never satiated.

Oh no, now another one starts to sprout!

As I travel to this other fire, the first one grows larger and larger until it loses control: the ideas that once seemed to be little fires everywhere amass into one, beautifully unstoppable blaze.

Their flames hold hands as they try to save reality’s mortal smoke, and I? Well, I just step back and observe, I do whatever they tell me to.

After all, who am I to stop the art that’s birthed by little fires, and burning ideas, everywhere?

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